Sentinel (Green Bay)

Estimated Population: 1,000

Ruling Faction: None

Background: Ritual Preservationists

Physical type: Ruins (Above/Below Ground)

Demographics: Mostly Human

Economic Assets: 28,000

Corium Limit: 11,200

Social Structure: Elder Council

Tolerance Level: Open to All

Skinball team: Sentinel Bay Radstorm

Source: Fertile Crescent Gazetteer

Notes: Sentinel was a small, quiet fishing village until recently, nestled on the shores of Sentinel Bay. Although the town has its share of problems with raiders and the like, it was one of the most idyllic places to live in the entire region with a rich history extending back to before the Fall. The recent discovery of the an unknown military complex beneath the ruins of the old city has sparked a flood of prospectors to the region, giving the city the air of a wild west boomtown, complete with a booming trade in furniture, saloon brawls, gunfights and even “claim jumping”. Some spectacular finds of technology have been discovered by these prospectors but the majority of the money is made by the brothels, saloons and hotels that seemed to spring up overnight.


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