Purity (Muskegon)

Estimated Population: 5,000

Ruling Faction: CrystalTime

Background: Vicionary Reinventors

Physical type: Ruins (Above Ground)

Demographics: Mostly Human

Economic Assets: 140,000

Corium Limit: 28,000

Social Structure: Mercantile Council

Tolerance Level: Open to traders and select allies only

Skinball team: Purity Whitecoats

Source: Fertile Crescent Gazetteer

Notes: As the headquarters of the feared CrystalTime, as well as the source of its power, Purity is one of the largest, most opulent cities in the entire known world. Although perfectly capable of ruthlessness in the cause of wealth and power the CrystalTime has also done a lot of good for the region rebuilding it from the horrors of war. As the two cities (Bastion and Purity) move toward what seems to be an inevitable showdown over which will be the dominant power in the region, the normally calm leadership of both cities seems wrapped up in “civic pride”, wanting their home city to come out on top.


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