Fort Toll

Fort Toll (Toledo)

Estimated Population: 1,000

Ruling Faction: Militiamen

Background: Radical

Physical type: Ruins (Above Ground)

Demographics: Mostly Human

Economic Assets: 28,000

Corium Limit: 5,600

Social Structure: Single Strong Ruler

Tolerance Level: Open to traders and select allies only

Skinball team: Fort Toll Missiles

Source: Fertile Crescent Gazetteer

Notes: Since the days of the Fall Fort Toll has been controlled by a group of militant radicals known as the Militiamen. The Tollers have not only been advocating all-out war between Bastion and Purity, they are also lobbying their new allies to take the Corium mines from Bricktop. In short, the militants of this community and its ruling faction are taking a bad situation and making it worse

Fort Toll

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