Arcadian Union

Foundation – Group who Wants to Bring Back the USA, Lots of Tech

Enclave – Vault Dwellers who want to rebuild the world for “Pure-Humans” and the rest will be enslaved

Imperialist – Splintered From the Foundation Wants to Rebuild the old world by conquering and building a Empire

Cartel – Large Trade Group

the Red Army formerly the People’s Army

Benders – Isolationist Oil Traders

Brethren – Ancient (Technology, Pure Humans) Hating Mutants

Brotherhood Of Radiation – Religious Order that Worships Radiation

Clean Water Clan – Largest Supplier of Clean Fresh Water

CrystalTime Water Tribe – New Rival to the Clean Water Clan

Entropists Group Bent on total Entropy

Far Traders – Well Established Trade Group

Salt Merchants – Salt Traders


Raider Groups

Tribal Clans


Twisted Fallout: Arcadia Rising StevenWright