Pre-Fall Vault created by a Private Foundation, Called Arcadia. The CEO of Arcadia knew the fall was coming and used his money and influence to build the Vault (Built it inside a Mountain). Arcadia was a leader in Technology, and the Vault was one of the most advanced out there. He stocked it with Advanced Technology (a lot of it Prototypes), and took the DNA from the greats Athletes, thinkers, and Artist. He used this DNA to create Genetically Altered Humans, or GAH. He knew that the world would be wrecked for generations, so he put the embryos in a Birthing Chambers (they would allow the Embryos to grow slowly and develop of a longer period of time.) He Had 20 Arcadian Security Androids guard the Vault (Program to Protect the “Residents” and follow there orders later on), 4 Nursing Androids, 6 Repair bots, 4 Caretaker Androids, and 10 Cleaning Bots. He also loaded it with 20 Laser Rifles, 40 Laser Pistols, 10 Arcadian Land Warrior Suits, 15 Tactical Vest, 20 Undercover Vest, 2,000 Power clips, a fully stocked Infirmary (with 2 Re-gen Tanks), a Hydroponics Agro-Lab (with Seeds for 2 years), a Mess Hall (stocked with enough MRE to feed 100 people for 1 year; 3,650 total), a fully functional Garage, and Aircraft Hangar.

Armory(and General Storage)-

Comm Center -

Infirmary -

Agro-Lab -

Garage -

Hangar -

Mess Hall -

Barracks -

Library -

GFR Room -


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