Tag: Settlement


  • Arcadia

    Pre-Fall Vault created by a Private Foundation, Called Arcadia. The CEO of Arcadia knew the fall was coming and used his money and influence to build the Vault (Built it inside a Mountain). Arcadia was a leader in Technology, and the Vault was one of the …

  • Settlements

    [[Arcadia | Arcadia]] [[Den]] [[Sanctuary]] [[Disney]] [[Coleman's Landing]] [[Enclave 1]] [[Amazon Fortress]] [[Caltech]] [[Borrow]] [[Shelter City]] [[Malltown]]

  • Coleman's Landing

    Coleman’s Landing, Walled Village Population 30 (Mixed Human and Mutant), combatants 12, Children 5, fertile 15; (20 Men, 10 Woman) Ruling Faction: None. Leader [[:brad-coleman | Brad Coleman]] Sentinels: [[:crix | Crix]], [[:wes | Wes]] Other …

  • Amazon Fortress

    Population 102 (7 Pure Humans, the rest are Mixed Human and Mutant), Ruling Faction: Amazons . Leader [[:queen-corinne | Queen Corinne]] Sentinels: [[:alana-harris | Alana Harris]] and 13 Tribal Warriors Other Important People: Trade Goods: …

  • Enclave 1

    Population 400 (all Pure Humans), Ruling Faction: Enclave . Leader [[:colonel-alvin-westgate | Colonel Alvin Westgate]] Sentinels:[[:master-sergeant-bruce-cole | Master Sergeant Bruce Cole]] plus 250 Purist Soldiers Other Important People: [[:dr …

  • Caltech

    Population 36 (1 Robot the rest Humans) Ruling Faction: None . Leader [[:archimedes-7 | Archimedes-7]] Sentinels: Other Important People:[[:dewey | Dewey]] Trade Goods:

  • Savage Tribe

    Population 64 (Mixed Human and Mutant), Ruling Faction: None . Leader Sentinels: 8 Tribal Warriors Other Important People: Trade Goods: Hides, Meat, Scavenged items